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The Mood Board and Creative Direction

I have learned through experience the necessity of mood boards when it comes to designing absolutely anything. Mood boards, when used strategically, are rightly an essential step within the design process. Without one to refer back to when designing, I feel lost and often end up circling around ideas.

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The Client Questionnaire

The research phase begins with a questionnaire. The questionnaire is my favourite part of the design process with my clients! Reading through a finished questionnaire submitted by a client fires me up (and feeling completely honoured) to have a small part in these women’s dreams.

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The Design Process Series: An Introduction

A design process is simply a way of breaking down a project into actionable and manageable steps in order to achieve a desired goal. For a stylist, this goal might be an elegant styled shoot, for a stationer, perhaps it's a client’s luxury handmade wedding suite. For graphic designers, it might look like a full brand design implemented across multiple marketing collateral.

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