Introducing Laura Vidal Design!


I am absolutely overjoyed to begin and share this new chapter with you!

For those of you who have followed along with my internet wanderings, you know I kept an actively written blog titled “Embellish” for quite a few years. Though I gave it up when I went to college, it was through my exploration with that corner of the web that I decided to study design.

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For four incredible years, I poured countless time, energy, and passion into working with colour, fonts, and code under the guidance of wonderful professors who stirred a greater appreciation for our craft into me.

Through school, I also met my best friend who I married on June 15th, 2018 - two months after us graduating!

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve yet had the chance to fully adjust to the changes this year has brought.

From graduating and life after school, being newly married, living in a new city, my husband beginning his masters, and going from working a full-time design position to being self-employed - life is busy!


Something I’ve been excited and nervous to talk about is the decision I made to begin the Laura Vidal Design studio. I’ve received many surprised reactions, however, I just might be the most surprised!

I have always wanted to be a small creative business owner. I thought that the opportunity would only come when I could walk away from the nine to five to be with our kids (in only God knows how many years!). Truthfully, the courage came to begin this dream from hearing my husband pray over it many times this summer. I’m not sure how to word this other than, I didn’t know that marriage would also stir in me a fearlessness I would not have had otherwise (Thank you for marrying and fully supporting me, husband!).

Thank you as well to each of you who have given me the honour of designing for you, or who have simply followed, liked and commented on my work...I’m humbled and so so thankful!

Here’s to new beginnings!

Top left photo by Francis Vidal

Bottom photos by Micaela Joy Photography

Laura Vidal