The Design Process Series: An Introduction


For the next number of weeks, I’ll be breaking down the design process that I use with my clients.

This series is for you if one of the following resonates:

  • You have an interest in working with me and are curious of what that looks like.

  • You want to DIY your own brand and have a clear process to follow.

  • You run a design-oriented, creative business and want to implement a systematic client process.

Whether you're also a brand and web designer or whether you're a florist, cake designer, photographer, or more - this series is for you!


Design, Step-by-Step

Not sure what a design process is? A design process is simply a way of breaking down a project into actionable and manageable steps in order to achieve a desired goal.

For a stylist, this goal might be an elegant styled shoot, for a stationer, perhaps it's a client’s luxury handmade wedding suite. For graphic designers, it might look like a full brand design implemented across multiple marketing collateral.

I think it’s important to be clear that no design process looks exactly the same.

A process is not implemented for cookie-cutter results. With every new project and new client comes new creative challenges and opportunities.

Having a process creates a more thoughtful experience.

A process is implemented for the purpose of serving both your client and yourself with a well thought out experience.

The process I use continually evolves as I see repeating patterns of how I work and areas of improvements I can make.

I’ve discovered that for myself, having the boundaries of a system in place allows room for creativity to flourish. It’s hard for anything to flourish amidst weeds of clutter.


Having a process also produces more holistic design.

Holistic design? Yep! Similar to holistic wellness (considering what makes up a whole person such as their mental, physical, spiritual health, etc.), we achieve holistic design by striving to exam the entirety of our desired goal, otherwise known as a project’s “why?”.

You see, design is way more than simply a logo or colours, it’s more than an arrangement of flowers on a table, design is both problem solving and communication.

Colours, fonts, and layouts all communicate who you are and what you’re about! The easiest example I can think of is, would you trust a lawyer using the font comic sans? Probably not! A lawyer needs to communicate that they take their job seriously in order to be seen as trustworthy.

Similarly, a flower arrangement can communicate a bride and groom’s story, they can communicate the “why” of their decision to be married (if you’re a florist, you know what I’m talking about!).

See how much more meaningful it is to design with a holistic approach?


If you’re interested in learning more about holistic design I found this article from Interaction Design Foundation very helpful. I took the ideas from it and made it into a simple checklist as a reminder for myself to refer back to throughout the design process.

I made this into a free downloadable PDF for you to print at home.

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Next week I’m sharing the beginning step of my design process, the discovery phase.