July Goals


For years my favorite blog posts to read have been monthly goal setting posts. There are a number of bloggers I follow along to simply learn from and be inspired by the goals they set.

I have learned so much from Lara Casey, her business Cultivate What Matters, her book Making Things Happen, and her blog. Every December I follow along with Lara’s intentional goal-setting process. Yet like so many, New Year Resolutions have often started strong for me and died a month or so in.

This year has been different for me, I think partly because I’m a new wife and fully desire to build an intentional life with my husband, and secondly, as a new business owner I simply cannot get far without a plan in place. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes feel social media is noisy with so many shouting what we “should” be doing, I want to have a purposeful road map for myself to help clear the distractions.


I’m almost nervous to post this because I feel like it might jinx my success thus far! However, I’m hoping that by posting my monthly goals and progress, it will give me another level of accountability to making things happen.

After following Lara’s process to pick goals that are truly what I want to focus on (not what others say!) last December, I’ve worked fairly faithfully each month to focus on a select few. I have my list of goals at the front of my paper planner that I refer to once a week, keeping them fresh in my mind. Many of them are about building healthy habits. So far this year I’ve implemented a morning routine that I love and helps me start each day strong, I’ve read more books than ever before, I’ve figured out a meal plan system that's taken the stress out of cooking, and so much more! I look back on the first half of 2019 and am thankful for what I’ve accomplished and how I’ve grown.

My July Goals:


  • Ride my new bicycle at least 4 times

  • Write and mail 2 note cards 

  • Continue ingraining my morning routine (waking up at latest 6:30, morning journaling, bible/prayer, and reading)

  • Organize the bathroom closet

  • Make a pie

  • Go to coffee with a friend

  • Read WomanCode by Alisa Vitti


  • Post 6 times on the blog 

  • Prep blog posts for next month 

  • Start designing my new note card designs

  • Complete a brand Identity project I’m excited to share 

  • Complete a welcome guide for my clients

  • Read Launch by Jeff Walker 

These are the bloggers I check in with each month out of pure goal-setting curiosity!

Rhiannon Bosse

Nancy Ray

Shanna Skidmore

Lara Casey