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If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know how much I love rubber stamps!

Do any of you remember when Stampin’ Up parties were huge (I recently googled if it is still a is!)? I was in my early teens and spent a good chunk of my babysitting earnings on them. Years later I’m still spending money on stamps! But now on custom-designed stamps for myself and my clients. It is so satisfying to see a design cut so cleanly into rubber.


The possibilities of what you can stamp onto are endless.

For businesses think business cards, letterheads, notecards, envelopes, etc. For weddings and events think stationery suites, programs, menus, escort cards, even cocktail napkins, favours, and more!

Alexandra from  Alexandra Del Bello Photography  was so sweet and took the most lovely photos of some  LVD stationery . See the end of this post for more!

Alexandra from Alexandra Del Bello Photography was so sweet and took the most lovely photos of some LVD stationery. See the end of this post for more!

My favourite stamp technique is heat embossing.

Heat embossing is an affordable option that looks and feels luxurious (I used it on my wedding invitations which you can see here). I've talked about it on my Instagram previously, but have had questions so thought I'd give a quick tutorial of how it's done.


Supplies you will need include: A firmer paper such as cardstock or water-colour paper, a stamp, clear ink pad, embossing powder, and a heat gun.


Begin by stamping the clear ink onto your paper. While the ink is wet, pour the embossing powder over the inked area.


Next, shake the excess powder off of the paper. Often times the powder will cling to the paper in other areas, to remove this carefully use a soft paintbrush to brush it away.


Lastly, using your heat gun, heat the stamped image until the powder bubbles and melts. Be careful not to melt it longer than needed as the paper can burn.

Can you see why I love it? So fun to get away from digital marketing and spend only a couple minutes to create something that is tactile!

As mentioned above, the following images are all by Southern Ontario based Alexandra Del Bello Photography.

I’m so thankful for her kind support of the LVD stationery line! Honestly, the entire Ontario creative entrepreneur community is so supportive and welcoming!

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