Iced Matcha Latte

During the summer months, I exchange my usual Americano for a glass of chilled lemon water. Occasionally, when I need a treat or a kick of caffeine, I'll make this matcha iced latte.

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July Goals

Every December I follow along with Lara’s intentional goal-setting process. Yet like so many, New Year Resolutions have often started strong for me and died a month or so in. This year has been different for me, I think partly because I’m a new wife and fully desire to build an intentional life with my husband, and secondly, as a new business owner I simply cannot get far without a plan in place.

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The Mood Board and Creative Direction

I have learned through experience the necessity of mood boards when it comes to designing absolutely anything. Mood boards, when used strategically, are rightly an essential step within the design process. Without one to refer back to when designing, I feel lost and often end up circling around ideas.

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